Paulo Catumba
Graphic Design

Selected Works

Paulo Catumba's CV/Resume
logo cerci mirandela
logo tanque
logo escola bailado fafe
logo guard clean
logo expo 2015
logo linkjob
logo new lisbon network
logo sesa clothing
logo leadership worth following
logo airbop
logo trade daddy


biplant main menu
biplant panel app
biplant panel app popup
biplant start app
biplant team app
biplant flex app
biplant ideas+ app
biplant safety app
biplant safety app popup


Software design for factory production management developed for the factory floor level

Vicio da Cor

napkin mockup splash page
napkin mockup page slide
napkin mockup main menu
napkin mockup drawing page
napkin mockup open tools
napkin mockup ingame menu
napkin mockup tools detail


App design for social drawing game
(under development)


sequin cover closed front
sequin cover open inside
sequin cover open outside
sequin cover closed back

Sequin - Penelope

Album art for
Sequin's first Album
Photography by Ana Manuel


indeve home page
indeve submenu page
indeve article page
indeve contacts page


Website for consulting and business development company

Vicio da Cor
2014 landing section article section article section

BiPlant Minisite

Minisite for the software product powered by Bidirco

Vicio da Cor

A Balanced Life
is Only Seven Hours
of Free Time Away

Motion Graphics and Animation (unfinished)


Duarte & Maria

Animation and Illustration


BSA app main menu
BSA app submenu
BSA app article page
BSA app calculator detail

Banco de
Sangue Animal

App design
Guide for pet blood transfusion intended for veterinarians


dedalo10 issue logo
dedalo10 cover
dedalo10 index
dedalo10 article layout

Dedalo #10

Contest submission for D├ędalo Architecture Magazine's issue "Who lives next door?"

2012 logo website layout

Electricity and Gas
tariff comparison website


milhoes de festa t-shirt illustration
milhoes de festa t-shirt mockup

Milhoes de T-Shirts

Contest Submission
T-shirt for Milhoes de Festa
summer festival


quiz8 language menu
quiz8 main menu
quiz8 ingame


Game/App design
Windows8 quiz game
(discontinued project)


ccest film logo
ccest film poster

Chaque chose
en son temps

poster for a video-art project by Nicolas Van Passel and Rita Babo
(with Ana Manuel)


caribou island book cover

Caribou Island

book cover proposal
for Ahab editons

Studio Andrew Howard

stcp poster and flyer front
stcp flyer back

Tram Parade

poster and flyer for
Porto's 2012 Tram Parade
organized by STCP Tram Museum

Studio Andrew Howard

infography poster
infography detail
infography detail

Mediatic Ecology

infographic about my use and correlation of all kinds of medias

school project at FBAUP

sol newspaper cover
sol newspaper politics layout
sol newspaper sports layout
sol newspaper shorts and interview layout
sol newspaper culture layout
sol newspaper back cover


redesign of the portuguese
weekly newspaper SOL
(with Joao Drumond)

school project at FBAUP

port wine poster tawny
port wine poster ruby
port wine poster branco

Port Wine

set of three posters
about the Port Wine
(with Joao Drumond)

school project at FBAUP

ips logo
ips logo variations
ips donator id
ips campaign bus
ips outdoor ad


identity for the
portuguese blood institute

school project at FBAUP

253tournament logo
253tournament poster
253tournament flyer

2-5-3 tournament

identity for a foosball tournament named "2-5-3 Matrecos ou Matraquilhos" (with Telmo Parreira and Daniela Fardilha)

school project at FBAUP

C / H sound perception experience

two visual interpretations over the same audio composition. Calm/Hysterical

School project at FBAUP

anatome milano logo
anatome milano poster example
anatome milano poster example
anatome milano exhibition dossier

Galleria Anatome

identity for new part of the graphic design gallery Anatome, in Milan

school project at Politecnico di Milano

garden logo
garden pictograms
garden map signage
garden info signage

via Candiani/Baldinucci

pictograms, map and utility signage for a small public garden in Milan (with Patricia Fonseca and Joana Belo)

school project at Politecnico di Milano

social design mirror vinyl
social design mirror reflexion

Social Design

using design as a social tool
vinyl cut over mirror

school project at FBAUP 2010